Eva Longoria’s Heading To Texas

May 18th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are building a house in Texas. This will lay the foundation that will house the future little Parker’s. I did say future, because the couple is in no rush to do anything together other than build the house.

“We’re building a house in Texas,” Eva has revealed. “We’re confident in our relationship and we want it to be suitable for children.”

The 31 year old actress wants to “be settled with a family” in five years but believes “kids are blessings and will come when they come.”

“The same thing with marriage. It’ll happen when the time is right.”

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker build a house for their future family [Fametastic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Your Mom

    We can only hope that she’ll shut the f*ck up now

  2. Kris

    Eva thinks if she repeats herself enough her fantasies will come true. That marriage ain’t happening.

  3. las

    Eva, he’s young, hot, famous, and eventually he’s gonna get sick of getting neck pains whenever you kiss. He ain’t gonna marry you.

    Nor do I think she’d actually have kids. She might gain weight! She wouldn’t be as sexy! Heaven forbid!

  4. Peekoo

    Maybe she needs a sex education class. Children don’t “come when they come.”

  5. Emma in London

    She should have worn a g-string!

  6. swinechimp

    She looks like a Miniature Pinscher, but she is as yappy as a chihuahua.

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