Eva Longoria Turns to Law Enforcement

This time Eva Longoria is a fan of the men in blue. The other night when the “Desperate Housewives” star was attempting to leave the club Hyde, several photographers got a little too close for comfort. Thanks to the police, she was able to make the paparazzi scatter.

All it took from her was a look behind her and to point to get the boys in blue coming, sirens wailing.

Most of the paparazzi took this as their cue to back off and take pictures from the sideline but one photographer seemed unhappy, yelling “Pigs” at the police, TMZ.com said. The police then reportedly stopped at a green light and confronted the photographer.

Unless Eva was leaving the club drunk off her ass with a tit hanging out, I don’t think the ruined photo op cost the photogs that much money.

More photos of Eva Longoria leaving Cafe Med after the jump.

Eva Longoria backed by the boys in blue [UPI]

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