Eva Longoria Starts Progam Inspired By Disabled Sister

I love it when a day in the backyard for celebrities back yards look like our dream vacations. It’s just nuts.

While some of us were battling the fax machine on Thursday, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker roamed around their backyard at their Miami estate before boarding a yacht for frozen drinks and jet ski rides.

Last night NBC Nightly News pointed out that the grateful actress and friendly spokeswoman does more than lounge around in her free time. Eva’s oldest sister Elizabeth Judina Longoria was born with Down’s syndrome and the experiences they shared inspired the star to develop an after school program in her home town to provides a warm setting, dedicated staff, and structured activities for teenagers with special needs.

Eva talked about some the history behind Eva’s Hereos and just how her sister inspired her. The story about her Elizabeth’s Letterman jacket and her response just melted my little black heart.

Check out the video after the jump!

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