Eva Longoria Spends Mucho Dinero For Tony Parker’s Brithday

I guess if you have money to burn, why not? Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have been celebrating his birthday for two weeks in Miami, Los Angeles and Vegas, but Saturday was his big blowout.

“I got him a lot of things,” Eva Longoria-Parker said Saturday, May 29, 2010 before celebrating her husband’s birthday at Las Vegas’s Eve Nightclub. “I got him four-wheelers because he wanted a new four-wheeler, and I got him a Microsoft surface computer that he can touch and play with.”

There is apparently one gift yet to be given.

“I can’t wait to see the surprise,” the hunky Parker immediately said. “I don’t have a birthday wish list. Whatever she gives me I’m fine with it. I’m happy.”

A car? A boat? A baby?