Eva Longoria Racist Granny

March 21st, 2006 // 46 Comments

So Eva Longoria continues to open her mouth, and stupid things continue to all out. The woman doesn’t seem to have any self-sensoring mechanism. Does she really want the world to know that her Grandmother doesn’t approve of inter-racial dating.

Eva Longoria’s mother gave the Desperate Housewives star a sober reminder of her inter-racial romance with basketballer Tony Parker – by insisting she didn’t send her grandmother a picture of her lover.

Longoria tells the new issue of Allure magazine that she was planning to post her grandmother a San Antonio Spurs calendar, so she could see what her boyfriend looked like – but her mother reminded her that not everyone approves of the fact she’s dating a bi-racial man.

Longoria recalls, “She said, ‘You can’t give grandma a calendar. She doesn’t know Tony’s black.’ I said, ‘We’ll just tell her he’s French.’”

So Granny, would this hold true if Eva was dating a white man?

Race Issue Mean Eva Longoria Can’t Send Gran Parkers Photo [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I should slap her granny .. inter- racial couples are the most beautiful thing on earth. Eva is even more of an idiot for tellin her mother that he is french. He doesnt even look french !!! I now hate Eva and her whole damn prejudice family.

  2. tia

    I should slap her granny .. inter- racial couples are the most beautiful thing on earth. Eva is even more of an idiot for tellin her granny that he is french. He doesnt even look french !!! I now hate Eva and her whole damn prejudice family.

  3. tia

    LOL .. I hate it when that happens

  4. Kelsey

    Well, he is French so that’s 1/2 true…but seriously, this bitch needs to learn when to shut the hell up. I don’t agree with her grandma, but she doesn’t have to embarass herself and her grandmother by telling the world about it! jeez

  5. lzornow

    So………..grandma doesn’t watch TV, read the Tabolids, lives under a rock?????

  6. Anne

    This bitch needs to shut up! If I were Tony I would dump her after she said he was inexperienced and she was experienced. Silly Eva, we already got the idea you were a whore, you didn’t need to flat out tell us!

  7. susiegrl

    Yes, don’t tell Granny that you’re dating a
    (hushed voice) B-L-A-C-K man. God forbid you LOVE each other. But DO Tell THE WORLD how much you LOVE your BRAZILIAN Clean-n-Tidy Coo-Coo and what a WORLD-CLASS teacher in the ways of oral, anal and any other kind of sex you are!(Not to mention how much you LOVE your Girl’s-Best-Friend “THE VIBRATOR”) I’m sure Granny hasn’t see THAT pasted all over US magazine at Polly’s Powder Puff Beauty Shop!
    Tony Parker needs to MOVE ON!

  8. katie

    Susiegrl – well put.

  9. lullaby

    How come because he is Black he can’t be French, fucking idiots!!!

  10. lullaby

    Have you actually travelled anywhere besides in the US? If you haven’t, well you need to, and if you have,you are stupid!

  11. tia

    lullaby .. what the hell does traveling the world have to do with Eva’s racist granny ??!! Is it becuz I said hher boy doesn’t look french .. well I have met a few 100% french ppl in my life and they dont look like Tony. So if he is french well excuuse me I still hate Eva’s granny. Secondly .. fuck you!!

  12. Ldysunfyre

    What’s really odd about this is that Eva Longoria is 1/2 white 1/2 mexican.

  13. tia

    Oh and one more thing … even if he is half french you would never know it unless he said it … dont talk crap to me lullaby specially since you dont know me. I dont attack ppl who post on here even when they hate on tom cruise .. so be kind and dont talk shit to me .. but if you wanna go that route then lets go .. otherwise do us all a favor and shut the fuck up ASAP !!!

  14. doofus

    ya know, I never really liked this woman, I thought she was TOTALLY overrated as an actress, and I never thought she was as hot as people make her out to be. I actually think she’s kind of funny looking. at least, in the non-airbrushed paparazzi pics I’ve seen of her. her nose is weird.

    that being said, I’m staring to dislike her more and more with each stupid thing that comes out of her mouth.

    what she needs to do is tell her granny that she’s dating a black guy (who happens to be good looking and very successful) who treats her well and whom she loves. if that’s not good enough for her granny, then her granny can go jump in a lake. all Eva LonWHOREia is doing is perpetuating racism; by staying silent on this subject with her granny, she is giving her tacit approval of her granny’s racism.

    and if I were Tony Parker, I’d say “stand up for us and for what’s right, or we’re history”.

  15. KittyLiterati

    Tia–have you ever been to France? There are loads of black French people, in all ranges of skin color. French is a nationality, not an ethnicity.

    Having said that, I think Eva Longoria is so effing annoying. I don’t even like to watch her scenes on Desperate Housewives.
    It’s not flattering when the self one presents to the media mirrors a petty character one plays on a nighttime soap opera.

  16. tia

    No !! I have never been to France. I go to school with these french guys. They dont look like Tony. Thats basically what I was tryin to say. One of them and his name is Jacque says his parents are from Toulouse, France. He looked white to me, but thank you kitty for the info. For now on I will not talk about french ppl or Tom Cruise. :)

  17. umm

    Tony parker is half white half black u know. his mom is a dutch model.

  18. Giadana

    If her grandmother is racist, wouldn’t that be a private family matter she should handle by confronting Granny?

    This is just another publicity whore stunt by Langoria. She’s trying to spark controversy.

  19. Small Fry

    Oy, he should dump her quick.

  20. 2 Old 4 This

    “You mean there are black people all over the world?? Who knew!?!”

    smell that? That’s sarcasm

  21. bamz9LOVE

    This so pisses me off “because it’s so true.” I’m cuban, afro-cubana to be exact, and there has always been racisim within the latino world especially in america (white miami cubans are the worst). I have an afro-amer friend who married a mexican guy, and although the males in the his family were sincerely welcoming to her, the women were horrible racists. Tony’s a fool if he lets that crap ride, and Eva’s just a fool in general.

  22. dumbspick

    Call me stupid but isn’t what that ugly bitch spewed 10 times worse than what her senile granny said?

  23. coffie03

    all those old ass “white”-looking (cuz your not) latinas are some racists. They got a nerve 4 real. My El Salvadoran co-worker was messing w/ this black cop & her mother said : “Be careful, you know how they are.” She wasn’t referring to him being a cop either.

  24. ROBIN


  25. bamz9LOVE

    #23 Coffee03 Said: 04:28 PM

    ITA and it’s so sad. Tony Parker is a fool if he let’s Eva’s abuela and her nasty tude ride.

  26. Theone

    This should be a wake-up call for Tony Parker; but, he probably thinks he’s French.

  27. las

    So he could be a felon, a married man, or even Pete Doherty – so long as he was white? But ooh, a biracial man, horrors! So very “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner!”

    Goodie goodie – another reason to hate Eva Longoria. Nice to know that she cultivates racism by letting her grandmother’s prejudices stand. Why does ANYONE (including poor Tony) like this woman?

  28. spymum

    Isn’t being French worse than being black?!! (Just kidding!!). Eva is making herself look stupid and racist. She should take that FINE looking man (his mum’s a model? No wonder he’s so handsome.) home to granny asap. Dump her Tony, you can meet my granny any day!

  29. Silasdog

    Susiegirl and the ever-wise Doofus are right on! Eva is a total bubble-head. Like I’ve said before, she needs to go back to Mama LaPuta’s Massage Parlor in Tiajuana, that’s her speed. She has yet to make an intelligent statement to the press (or anyone for that matter). What Mr. Brown sees in her, I don’t know. Perhaps she is a very cooperative sex slave. Given her granny’s thinking, there appears to be a seriously damaged gene pool at work here.

  30. Tictac

    HI Doofus. Hi Tia. :)

  31. Heather

    Hey, she can’t help it if her Grandmother was raised in a different society. My grandparents are the same way, I can’t date a man unless he is Cuban, which does NOT stop me at all, I date who I want, but it’s the way they were raised, closed minded.

  32. las

    Then she should demonstrate that times have changed, not capitulate to it.

  33. Mindy Girl

    I never understood the meaning behind racism against Blacks on the parts of ethnic groups like Asians and Latinos.

    Latinos should know what it is like to be discriminated against yet they engage in this kind of behavior?

    I see this a lot – ethnic groups in the US who think they are so much better than Blacks. They obviously don’t realize the contributions that Blacks have made to this country.

    The nerve! Makes me upset. Human beings are crappy. Animals seem to be better.

  34. well...

    If her grandma is racist, then how is dating a white man any better than dating a black man? Eva Longoria is NOT white.

  35. Why?

    TO Well: I think the issue is some Latinos like her Grandma think White is better. So it’s not that they don’t want her dating outside her race (tehy would have no problem if he was White) they just don’t want her to date someone of Black blood.

    It is screwed up but I know some Latinos who think White is great and hate Black. (I had a Latino boyfriend) I don’t get it.

    Can’t we all get along?

  36. Amy

    before this all came out Eva said in an interview I think with Jay Lenno, that her sisters are all lighter skinned than her with light colored hair. She said her parents used to tease her and say that they found her in the trash because she was so dark skinned compaired to everyone else in her family. I was angry when I heard her say this but now I out right hate the tramp. Screw her and her racist family who in my opinion are a disgrace to Mexican people. Tony is a fool if he marries into this family, if he doesnt want to find a black woman or a bi racial woman he should find a non black woman who isnt a racist whore. If not for himself he needs to think about any kids they may have. Even if the kids dont look black they still will be part black and will suffer with this group of bigots. Run Tony Run.

  37. Anti-Eva

    Eva Longoria needs to learn to keep her private life, private. She tells way too much of her business and then it bites her in the butt.

  38. countrybabe

    That guy is about as French as I am. What kind of name is Tony Parker? Tia you need to chill.

  39. JT

    OK, Enough of this Shizzle. Time to move on to the next outrageous starlet making news. Blah.

    WHY; said it best. Can’t we all just learn to get along. Shhesssssh!

  40. JT

    OH YEAH. Let me add something here. There are good folks and bad in everyrace. Some peeps are still living with what thier parents and grand parents taught them. It may take a few more generations, but all this nonsense will end.


  41. Gregory Sundborg

    Eva Longoria is a cunt! She says one thing and then takes a dozen opportunities to explain how the press misconstrued her stories!Being from San Antonio all I can say is ” Eva go home!”

  42. Mexican Racists are funny. Don’t they know how White people hate them? I see the signs all along the border “Mexicans crossing” and they do all the shit work in America and are considered the lowest of the lowest…

    Then the nerve to hate someone because they are Black.

    Maybe White people are right to hate the Mexicans. Maybe they are just as racist as White racists.

    I am Latina and this sort of ignorance repulses me. How dare her dumb Taco enchilada ass grandmother?

  43. lollygag

    I wish that stupid, over exposed, no talent cunt would shut her trap for once.

  44. Ashen

    Mexicans have a problem with black people it’s know and some don’t like white either, but a lot of them do think white is better. Now I know here in Michigan these Africans own a gas station and they are French.. and dark ass hell. There’s black people in France who are French it’s America that caught up on this black white thing and place everyone in a box. If I was Tony I wouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t approve of my relationship.

  45. spy

    They are both muts for get about it

  46. Scott

    Yes, spy put it a bit more abruptly like I was going to.
    Eva Longoria is mixed race herself.
    Latino is not a race. Mestizos are a bastardised hybrid of White/Spanish and Indian.
    Some Latinos are whiter than others, as Eva obviously is, but nevertheless she is still a mix.
    Miscegenation is being aggressively pushed now with the intent to eliminate the White race, not only from our own countrie, not only from the Western/Modern/First World, but the world in general.

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