Eva Longoria Might Have A Sex Tape

October 2nd, 2007 // 9 Comments

Guess who’s joining the ranks of (brace yourself) Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson (several), Tommy Lee, Fred Durst, and Screech from “Saved By The Bell”? Eva Longoria! Unless you’re trying to boost your career in a scheming manner – NEVER BANG ON FILM. Someone will see it. Just like never write anything down….oh shit, I’m screwed. I used to think Eva was chill, until that incredibly irritating wedding extravaganza where she had to involve the world in all her attention-whoring. Now I hope there’s dudes selling this mess out of the back of their cars in NYC.

A sex tape featuring Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker has reportedly surfaced on the internet.

The video, which allegedly contains intimate footage of the newlyweds, is already thought to be available on some pay-per-view websites.

Word is that Longoria and her basketball star husband might be planning on selling this tape after some legal issues are sorted out. So bitch leaked it herself. Jesus, how many people do you need to talk about you?


By J. Harvey

  1. whoa

    Once a skank always a skank. From Robstown, Texas. Who was she trying to fool when she said she was from C.C. Texas

  2. sammi


  3. danka

    I could show that skinny tart how to make a real sex tape. Make her eye make-up run down her face from gagging. Plow out her skinny turd-squirter. Then wipe the come off my rod in her hair and stuff $20 in her mouth.

  4. Chaz

    I don’t understand stories like this. The tape is “reportedly” on the Internet? It is “thought to be” on sale right now? Either it is or it isn’t–why the weird phrasing?

    An Eva sex tape might be watchable, as long as my mute button is operable.

  5. NSC

    Is she supposed to be attractive? I don’t see it.

  6. Becky

    She has to have her name in the news because Tony received an award and she is so jealous. She is such a media whore and is an embarrasment to the SPURS.

  7. Becky

    She has to have her name in the news because Tony received an award and she is so jealous.

  8. Katie

    It’s a spoof….check it out on Funnyordie.com, she did it with Eric Christian Olsen as a joke…

  9. buzzman

    Greets! Really funny. keep working! Tnx! Saw!

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