Eva Longoria Loves Being A Homebody

Yes, Eva is just a down-to-earth woman. Her relationship with NBA star Tony Parker has grounded her (a Mexican bike cop may say otherwise), and she’s happy to have settled down.

Tipped as a Bond girl and named as the world’s hottest woman by Maxim magazine, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria could have her pick of Hollywood’s men. Instead the actress is very much in love these days with French basketball superstar Tony Parker, who plays point guard for the NBA’s world champion San Antonio Spurs, and she prefers it that way.

The 30 year old, who plays Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives, which is back next month, said: “I enjoy being in a committed relationship. “I’ve never been comfortable playing the field or keeping different men on a string. “I hate that behaviour in women. I’m so glad I have Tony in my life because our relationship is very strong and caring and so I like to spend every free moment I can with him when I’m not working.

“Otherwise, Desperate Housewives is so popular right now that, if I was single, I just know I would probably be tempted to party all over town. “Being with Tony helps keep me sane and focused.”

While she talks about dealing with being seen as one of the world’s most gorgeous woman, mostly Eva wants to talk about her boyfriend. Although she’s a 5′ 3″ Mexican American actress and he’s a 6′ 5″ French basketball player, she seems utterly devoted to Tony. Although she admits that she doesn’t tell him everything. She laughed: “When I appeared in the bathing suit at the MTV awards, I was worried about what he would think because I didn’t tell him before. But he thought it was a great idea.

“That’s the kind of thing I love about Tony. He’s not possessive or jealous or looking for reasons to argue. He’s laid-back, supportive.”

I’m assuming that in her statement that “Tony helps keeps me focused,” she’s referring to the fact that she’s focused on herself. Later in the interview, she tries to dispel rumors of a rivalry with Teri Hatcher by calling her a “solid woman.” Nice.

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