Eva Longoria Loves Her ‘Beautiful Body’

July 7th, 2005 // 29 Comments

We all know that Eva Longoria is quite full of herself. Well, she goes on record describing which of her physical attributes are the most appealing.

According to Contactmusic.com she said: “There’s absolutely nothing I don’t like about the way I look, God blessed me with some great unique features – some beautiful, in my eyes, and some not so beautiful. “I think my legs and my butt are my sexiest assets.

“My boobs are small but I love being small – I have no desire to tamper with that. I like working out and that’s hard to do when you’ve got big ones bouncing around!” Earlier this year Eva was voted the world’s sexiest female by men’s magazine Maxim.

Self confidence will apparently get you anywhere.

Eva Loves Herself [Ananova]

(Images Courtesy of INFGOFF.com)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. barfbag

    She has buck teeth and chicken legs! Yeah – you’re “real hot” Eva.

  2. She has this rectangular shaped body when you look at her in pictures in a bikini… barely has a waist… yeah that’s sooo hot… personally I’d rather be curvier!

  3. C

    Is anyone else sick to death of these stupid celebrities who are so full of themselves? YUK!

  4. starrzz

    I agre with Mindy, she does have a rather rectangular body, but she is very pretty, and i think its great that she has confidence, more woman shuld learn to love them selves through their eyes, not society’s

  5. Cheyenne

    True, more women should have confidence about themselves, but I think there is a big difference in confidence and arrogance.

  6. Brian

    At least Eva doesn’t feel she needs to weigh under 100 pounds to look good.How refreshing.

  7. ma

    I honestly dont think she weighs over 100 pounds actually.

  8. Eve

    In the right context, those comments are not at all arrogant. I mean, if she was asked what she loves about her body? What’s she supposed to say?? Good for her for loving those parts of her body. Plus she DID say that some parts aren’t so beautiful, that’s not arrogant.

    Arrogance is when people wear clothes are that are grossly revealing, who thinks they exude sexiness and pose like they think they are the hottest thing to walk this earth… someone like the delusional “american royalty”.

  9. Mariana

    I’ll take this over hot celebrities that claim they were so ugly and gawky in high school. False modesty is crap.

  10. mary

    I hate Eva Longoria. Is she pretty? She’s alright, but is she beautiful compared to other Hollywood celebs? Hardly. She has buck teeth and I think she’s completely overrated. She dumped JC Chasez and now sleeping around cuz she thinks she’s somebody. That stupid, pathetic show of her’s and its 15 min. of fame is already up. She needs to come back down to earth.

  11. lala

    I don’t find eva Longoria as aroggant and stuck up at all she was asked a question, she answered it without making a big deal or glorifying herself.
    I don’t much care for her, but I this article gave me absuloutly no reason to think of her as stuck up.

  12. Dainty

    Oh my god!Is that a picture of Micheal Jackson?

  13. Sarah

    Those words were probably taken out of context. She’s probably just saying she accepts the way she looks.

  14. jenjen

    those words were not taken out of context, they are very clear. she has had a nose job (just like jessica alba, elisha cuthbert, natalie portman and every other starlet in hollywood), so i would hope she loves it now. and she has had breast augmentation and chose small ones. she’d better love those too, they’re very good ones (you can hardly tell) so she must have paid a fortune.

  15. Monica

    Eva Longoria is a slut. She is way overrated and really there is nothing that special to her. People in San Antonio hate her. People think she is a big hypocrit and jumped on the bandwagon because of the Spurs championship. She has asked the media not to ask her anything about Tony Parker, yet we see her celebrating in the locker room with the champs and asking for interviews WITH Tony himself. In America she might be the “ooh sexy Latina” but in Texas and the Southwest she is common fare. She looks like anyone that I would see off the street here in San Antonio or the chick sitting in the back of the classroom in my English class. And yes, she has somewhat of buck teeth. For all the money she makes, her bottom teeth are very bad. Everyone knows she is a complete slut. Not even JLO was that bad. At least JLO would stick to a guy for over a year and dump him. Eva Longoria sleeps with 3 or 4 guys in a two month period and you know she does it all for publicity. People give me a break. She got REAL lucky to be on Desperate Housewives. It could have been very easy to pick someone other than her. The proper punishment for Eva Longoria is a bad case of acne and halitosis.

  16. navreen

    I think some of u are being cruel. Yes she buck teeth and yes she has small tits but we’re not all perfect and at least she admits it. No one is perfect not even JLO is she has huge hips that not many people would like to have. If I was walking down the street with a body like JLO people would think I was fat. Jlo only looks good because she’s famous. SO NOT EVERYONE IS PERFECT!

  17. john

    She is an it girl that is borderline whorish and has slept with many to even be here being bashed

  18. Paris

    eva longoria is such a slut! she might be a bit pretty…..but shes so god dAmn full of her self…i love my leags and my butt ….haha in my ass! shes slept with so many ppl….wat a hoe! now shes in the limelight with tony parker and trying to share his fame….shes lucky she gets to be in desperate housewives…. even the ugliest person in the world could replace her….tony parker should dump her… i mean shes only 10 fricken years older than him! petafile petafile!!!!!! eva longoria ……u might be just a tad pretty and very thin….but maybe u should try togain a waist atleast…..u have a body that looks like a boy…jus straight down and no curves…ive hung with tony before…..hes way to DAMN good for u honey!

  19. Richie Blades

    Is Eva Ticklish? Does anybody know? Anyway she was married at a young age so shes dating more know. She probaly feels better about herself. Shes not full of herself she likes who she is. And being a bodybuilder myself and into the workout scene like Eva. YOu project a certain aura about you that makes people hate you, mostly because of their jealosy and then they lash out at you. I think shes hot and how do you people know she a slut? Is it rumor or fact, she seems like shes pretty exclusive with this guy Tony.

  20. Beachbabe

    Eva Longoria is not as bad as all of you say. She is annoying sometimes, but shes not as bad as you all are saying!!! i think her figure is amazing, and its hard to keep an amazing figure like that!I don’t know if the rumors are true, but if they are then let her have fun. who doesn’t go around with guys? she’s an okay actress(not one of my favorites), but who cares wat she says or does? why are we so tied up in these peoples lives, we start to forget about our own lives. they are celebrities who really don’t matter!! i think we should all forget about her, and move on!!! get over it!!!

  21. Steen

    She kinda has a monkeyish look to her but all together she looks ok. Nothing too special. I guess being stick thin in Hollywood makes you gorgeous.

  22. Claire

    Eva Longoria is absolutely beautiful and all of you who are saying shes that shes not should take another look. Since when does having small breasts and a slim figure make you ugly? At least shes confident with herself and y’all are just jelous anyway.

  23. Nicole and Paige

    you all are just so jealous. She is the like hottest poerson alive. and im not BI and i think she is soo pretty! you all who are saying shes a whore and ugly you are gay and stupid. and are just jeaouls and probally fat and ugle. FUCK YOU

  24. Dayna

    Eva is the cutest thing ever! She is beautiful..anyone that says she is ugly proabably has terrible self esteem and I am sorry for that.

  25. Get real

    Eva is sooooo overated. She will not being chosen to do movies because she’s not that quality actress or woman. She’s gross and very lucky to be on Desperate housewives. I hope they kill her off soon so we can all forget that hasbeen. There’s nothing special about her. I find her arrogant, loud, bitchy, in your face bitch. I’m sorry that’s not classy. Plus she look like a 80 year old hag, yuk. Her face is nothing special, very plain jane.

  26. Oh come on

    Eva Longoria is beautiful. She knows she is and what’s so wrong with that? If you were beautiful too you would know it, she’s just honest and says it out loud. I don’t think she has buck teeth, and even if she did, big deal. She has a flaw. Omg. How surprising. And to say she is too thin, she’s really not compared to some others. Let’s face it. We all wish we could look like that. Let’s not be bitter because we weren’t gifted in that department.

  27. mel

    You can’t deny it Eva is stunning! i wud die 2 hav her looks! shes happy with her body and its nice to hear someone say they are happy with not having DD!

  28. John

    to all jealous people out there EVA is simply the sexiest and most beautiful creature on this planet in the last 15 million years or so.

  29. James

    I still think she is a tramp

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