Eva Longoria Is Content


Gabrielle tells ET Online.com that she’s very happy with her basketball player. They had that completely attention-sucking wedding in Paris that lasted 15 days and involved a variety of costumes changes and netted a lot of money when they sold the photos. What a beautiful covenant. Especially when it nets you some paper.

Despite the hectic work schedules for both Parker and Longoria, she tells ET, “It works. It just does. Tony and I make each other a priority and so we travel a lot.” She adds, “He was off for two days and he flew home from Paris to see me and then flew back. I’ve done that many times and I was off for one day, so I flew to Geneva, had dinner with him, and flew back. We just can’t stand to be apart.” Longoria boasts that she and Parker, “Have a lot of frequent flier miles.”

Eva also says that she has no problem answering calls from Tony in the middle of rehearsal. And Felicity Huffman gets mad at her ass. Of course she does. Felicity is a talented actress who’s there to work and Eva is ignorant and was on “Young & The Restless” and sells photos of herself for money. Which is just one level above having one of those booths at a convention and a rotund teenager with acne drools on you and complains about having to buy the headshot before you sign it.

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