Eva Longoria Has a Feud with Heather Mills?

December 29th, 2006 // 7 Comments

I’m not exactly sure why, but it sounds like Eva Longoria is a steadfast member of Camp Paul McCartney in the Mills/McCartney battle that’s taking place across the ocean. From ContactMusic.com:

Cherry recently revealed he’d love to audition the estranged wife of SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY for a spot in the ABC series, saying, “If Heather Mills can act I’d be interested. It would be fascinating.” But regular Longoria was livid when asked if Mills would appear in the next season, saying, “Oh God no. Not at all. That’s crazy, it would be completely crazy. “If she did have a part I would be offended.”

It’s fun to talk shit about the woman (Mills), but seriously, I think calling her presence “offensive” seems like a bit much. Plus, only I get to say shit like that. Cause I’m just an angry nobody.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Tonysgirl

    I, am offended by just having to hear that name “Heather Mills”.

  2. Sting Ray

    Rotting in hell is to good for that woman!

  3. gail

    Eva who? She is a tv one hit wonder, nothing more. No one will know who she is a year from now.

  4. Draya

    I long for the days when we’d never heard the name Heather Mills.

  5. tom

    Eva’s at least 20 percent more of an actress than Heather could ever be. Physically, I mean.

  6. Debbie kiss my ass

    Go Eva!!! Heather Mills should get nothing, ever. Eva’s beautiful and has talent, Heather Mills is a F*cking dog!!!

  7. moi

    that show is a pile of shit. they need to stop hogging all the attention and bring in locklear and mills. but i guess they realize they’d steal the spotlight.

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