Eva Longoria Fine After Car Crash

June 23rd, 2006 // 19 Comments

Eva Longoria must have had an angel watching over her. The actress was not injured in a traffic accident between her new Range Rover and another vehicle. Longoria was apparently not driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, but was in the passengers seat. We assume, given Eva Longoria’s known temper, that she will berate who was ever driving her car for days to come.

The actress was leaving celebrity stylist Ken Paves‘ salon on trendy Robertson Boulevard with a friend when her vehicle hit a Ford Taurus.

Longoria, who wasn’t driving when the two vehicles collided, quickly left the scene in Paves’ car. The actress’ publicist says, “She’s fine.”

Longoria insisted the show must go on after the car accident and attended a T-Mobile launch party for the new Sidekick phone three hours later.

Eva Longoria give up a chance for some free publicity? Of course she went to the event.

Eva Longoria Is Unscathed Following Car Crash [Starpulse]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. crazytalk23

    that isn’t a ford taurus, its a pontiac grand am… looks like the rover is the cause of the accident!

  2. Patrice

    The Rover did not see the Gran Am that was in its blind spot on the left, the Rover probably did not put the left signal to signal it was changing lane (the rover is sideways while the Grand am is on its lane), bottom line : the celebrity is wrong, that’s why they have bigger cars they don’t know how to drive

  3. pineapple

    If she wasn’t driving during the accident, why is she in the driver’s seat?

  4. Jen

    1. Yeah, that is a grand am, not a taurus, although it looks like there’s a taurus wagon in the background
    2. How come the Rover looks silver in the pic where it shows the car, and kinda bronze or gold the others?
    3. It really does look like the Rover caused the accident

  5. kathotdog

    I think the difference in cars is the wrecked one is hers and the one she is sitting in is Ken Paves, hence the drivers door being open. Also, duh, she fine. Her car is 5 times bigger than the Grand Am and if she wasn’t driving then she wasn’t that close to the impact. I just hope the person in the Grand Am is OK. And that they sue.

  6. california

    And her hair still looks like shit.

  7. california

    And her hair still looks like shit.

  8. C

    Who was driving then? Isn’t it a crime to leave the scene of an accident? Eva should have stayed to comment for the police report, since it is her car.


    Something doesn’t make sense — why does the Taurus/Grand Am look like it was the victim of a head on collision? A sideswiping shouldn’t cause the hood to accordian like that?

  10. Small fry

    Too bad she wasn’t a pedestrian that got smashed between the two cars and suffered a horribly painful death. Oh well, just wishful thinking on my part.

  11. JO

    HMMMMM you have clearly never been in a car accident. your message is idiotic. mostly because it disregards all knowledge of physics

  12. TruJrzyGrl

    Ugh … This cutsy wench is so annoying … I hear she is nasty as well – attitude is condescending, rude and discriminating ! Who knows if that’s true, but she just annoys me !!!!!

  13. maryanne29

    Aren’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?

  14. Fabiola

    She is a stoopid cow who will be making the rounds of the game show circuit as soon as Desperate Housewives ends

  15. petergabrielfan

    SmallFry, you crack me up. I was thinking the same thing :)

  16. I’m not sure why everyone is so quick to blame the Range Rover for the accident (just because you don’t like the passenger, Eva?). In a collision like this, fault falls on the driver of the vehicle who struck the other vehicle. In the photo, it looks like the sedan hit the Rover. Regardless of whether the Rover driver signalled or what he/she was doing, it was the sedan driver’s responsibility to avoid. That’s defensive driving.

  17. Emmo

    They mean that she wasn’t driving at the time. Her car was not moving.

  18. ShoeSlut

    She looks quite concerned with her hair in the second pic… Is it still intact, she ponders? “Mental note to self: travel with space bubble around head to ensure hair does not suffer wrath of car crash, wind, lazy Mexican bike cop, parking attendant requesting dues and other assorted nuisances associated with being me”.

  19. Monica

    Get your facts right, the two below pics are of her in a Mercedes G500, those are the side mirrors for that model.

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