Eva Longoria Clears Up Some Rumors

According to Eva Longoria’s publicist the following rumors are untrue:

The actress wants a “full-on gay experience” after sharing a passionate kiss with a female friend. The actress allegedly confessed she finds women attractive and is open to the possibility of taking her curiosity a step further.

She wants to make her boyfriend Tony Parker jealous by flirting with other men. The star reportedly could not resist rousing Parker’s rage, and deliberately went out in skimpy outfits to attract admiring glances from the opposite sex.

It seems that Eva Longoria’s publicist has pretty much killed every heterosexual and lesbian fantasy that’s out there.

More photos of Eva Longoria from her Maxim Magazine photo shoot after the jump.

Publicist Squashes Rumors About Eva Longoria [Starpulse]

Written by Lauren Burch

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