Eva Longoria And Victoria Beckham Are Friends With Phones

While some people clearly aren’t Eva Longoria’s friend, others are dear to her. Like Victoria Beckham who she befriended over mani/pedis when the Brit and her family first moved to LA in 2007. Now LG is harnessing that friendship to sell you stuff.

In a new ad shot in March, Beckham and Eva sport some gorgeous looks and some laughter, no doubt pushing Victoria’s new designer status with mannequins and a walk down a runway. They play with the new fashion phones the Lotus Elite and Rumor Touch, testing out the camera with different looks and shiny Ken Paves styled hair.

‘I admire her as a wife and mother,” Longoria said of her friend. ‘I really like to surround myself with women who place their family first. She is very devoted and dedicated to her kids and I really respect that.”

Beckham said, “Eva has been really sweet. When I first moved here, I didn’t know anybody. She went with me to get my nails done, my hair done…”Sounds like two people who would just call to say I love you.

Watch the commercial after the jump.