Eva Longoria And Jeremy Piven

September 19th, 2005 // 20 Comments

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that they are leaving an event at the same time. Personally, I think they would be a perfect match. Jeremy has been slutting around as of late, and, well Eva . . .

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. AER

    Eva Longoria is a dirty ho that looks like a rat in the face (much like Jennifer Love Hewitt, she looks like she should be shredding kernels off of a corn cob or munching down some cheese). She’s a mockery of real feminine beauty. Jeremy Pivens, what are you thinking? Plus, I don’t care if she was Cindy Crawford circa 1985; who would want Mario Lopez’ sloppy seconds?

  2. Lindaluvsgossip

    Coincidence? I saw a picture of them pretty “buddy-buddy” on the red carpet at the emmys. Hmmmm . . .

  3. Mariana

    Ms. Eva gets around. But so do a lot of MEN in Hollywood. Just make sure he wears two condoms!

  4. Lindaluvsgossip

    OK, it turns out I might have made that “buddy-buddy” thing up. I swore I had seen something, but I could only find one picture and I think it would be a stretch to say there is anything sexual going on. See, this is how rumors get started.

    Here’s the link:


  5. mimi

    Piven is hysterical on Entourage, but he looks like a real jerk, and my friend met him in Vegas, a few years ago, way before the show, and he said he was such a cocky a-hole.

  6. tempy

    “cough” WHORE cough” cough”

  7. Big Mike

    I know Piven personally. He’s the funniest most non-jewish jew I know.

  8. Anna

    Eva is becoming the spokesmodel for sloppy seconds. I hope she never breeds.
    And Jeremy Piven was a real douchebag on a morning radio show here a few months ago, so I can’t really find him that funny anymore.

  9. Eva is just enjoying her newfound fame. But she should keep it a little more discreet.

  10. Cynthia

    QUICK! Somebody super glue her big mouth shut!

  11. Jokes

    Eva is a mediocre actress in talent and looks, therefore she has to whore around in order to get somewhere.

    Ppl will never take her seriously, that is why she has not been nominated for an emmy and never will. She is a complete waste of space.

  12. Jokes

    p.s. I liked Piven ever since his small role in Rush Hour, playing that gay guy. He is not good looking but I can see why girls’d like him. But he also looks like an ass.

  13. lisa

    eva’s dress looked so great at the emmy’s….but her makeup, no so hott

  14. ruby_Lou

    Doesnt Eva ever change out of that outfit lol

  15. psmike

    so much for gaydar…….Everything about him screams BOF, LA division.

  16. ElizabethTaylor

    It’s the new age. Let’s try to think modern,perhaps Ms.Langoria just prefers to be in the company of men rather than hang with chicks. There is nothing wrong with that.
    Maybe she just likes to see different men rather then feel tied down to one. So do a lot of everyday people.
    Why waste time worrying about it. In ten years she’ll write her memoirs and you can read about it then.
    Right now she’s representing the Latina’s.

  17. Pandarias

    I met Jeremy several years ago in Malibu looking at houses. He had a drop dead georgous girl with him then. I thought he was pretty cool, very funny. Naturally has a super ego. I think its great that he’s getting this much press and ass.

  18. JudithJetson

    Representing Latinas?!!?!?

    Hell, I hope not. I don’t want her skanky, no talent, cheap, whore-ass representing me.

    You know why her mouth is always open, don’t you? She’s used always having male genitalia in there – sort of why her knees are always chafed.

  19. Tyson

    I thought she was dating Tony Parker? They’ve been dating for 9 months according to Eva.

  20. EastMan

    Hmmmm…. I always thought that Jeremy was gay – even before I knew he played gay characters. I guess he has to cover up some how.

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