Eva Longoria: Touched By An Airbrush

April 15th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Eva Longoria
is so airbrushed in these pics that they’ve actually changed her into a different person. Seriously, they’ve altered her facial features. Why didn’t they just get someone else entirely? Eva is the face of Bebe’s new summer and swimwear collection. Or at least some other actress named “Eva Longoria” is.

Eva isn’t concerned by any of this. She’s feeling the love. Despite frequent separations due to their career, Eva and her NBA star husband Tony Parker are trying to keep it going. For her birthday, he organized an elaborate party and scavenger hunt based on Eva’s favorite board game Clue. Wait, how many birthday parties did she have?

Tony had actors playing the characters from Clue escort Eva on the hunt, and then to a castle where there was a birthday dinner and a real life Clue game. The boyfriend needs to get on the stick! This sounds like a hot party! My birthday’s in June and I want to get tanked with the bitches from Candy Land!

Tony showed up to the party dressed as his team mascot from the Spurs.

“In walks the Spurs coyote…but it’s Tony in the coyote costume! He was hot, he was sweating, he was in love with his wife,” said a partygoer. Awww, that ho should write for Hallmark.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker leaving Beso are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. Queen Caffeine

    Yeah, their marriage is about as airbrushed as Eva in those pix. I’m not buying it.

  2. Cat

    She must had doubles in those pictures! ahh no way that is her! Then next the brush part comes in where as put the face on top another body. No way that her…..that a joke of the day.

  3. Sezzy

    Oh, please! Compare the candid shots of her to the professional photos and they don’t even look like the same person. They airbrushed her so that she doesn’t even look Mexican anymore. What a bunch of bull!

  4. BH

    i watched her on David Letterman in high def and she’s terrible looking,her skin has tonnes of little bumps on it like a chicken skin.with a high def tv you can truly see how ugly most of these “celebs” are

  5. ReeRee

    Eva who?????

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