Eva Mendes Wants Paparazzi Protection For Her, Her Dogs And Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes Beautified
Eva Mendes visits a salon in Thailand.
Would you be creeped out if you were out minding your own business and a stranger called out your dog’s name?

Yeah, that’s pretty creepy and apparently Eva Mendes thinks so too. But hey, in all honesty, LA has a major dog culture where you can hike Runyon Canyon and people really do know your dog’s name, celebrity or not. So for that, simmer down, Eva!

Well perhaps she does have a reason to be annoyed by pestering paparazzi because after all, she is dating one of the most desired men, Ryan Gosling

According to E Online Mendes does not like to be asked about Gosling. That’s where I start to shut down,” she said. “Because it gets into personal territory that I don’t feel comfortable talking about. So sorry.” Come on, spill it. We want Gosling news 24/7!

The couple will be starring in The Place Beyond the Pines which will be released this week (March 29, 2013.) Woo-hoo! This may be all we get to see from the couple for a while since Gosling is on his infamous acting break and well, Mendes wants her and her loved ones’ faces blurred in tabloids.

Fine, we will respect your wishes! But, we will definitely still say “hi” to Hugo!