Eva Mendes Talks Personal Style With ‘Flare Magazine’

Eva Mendes Beautified
Eva Mendes visits a salon in Thailand.
Eva Mendes is a very sexy woman, but she doesn’t always like to show it off. Sometimes she likes to be a little more conservative.

Eva was photographed and interviewed for Flare Magazine recently, and will appear on the May 2014 cover. During the interview, Eva talked about fashion, her personal style, and the ways that she’s really the most comfortable. 

For Eva, fashion and how she looks is a big part of her every day routine. “It’s an important part of my day, what I choose to wear and put out there in the world. I also have to remember that I probably will be photographed at the gas pump.” Smart girl, she knows there’s no escaping those paparazzi.

Since she’s always being looked at, Eva feels self-conscious sometimes about her outfit choices. If I were being watched by my adoring fans 24/7, I’d totally feel like that too.

“It’s not that I’m against body-conscious clothes: I have worn them on the red carpet or out, but when I’m photographed in them, I always regret it. For me, it’s always been the easy way out. When I wear something a little more revealing, I think, Oh, gosh, I should have been more creative. I don’t like when it’s just me and I’m not working. I don’t like feeling like I’m on display.”

Wow, I definitely respect that. Hard to believe even someone as flawless as Eva doesn’t want to show herself off all the time. When Eva was younger though, she felt much differently. “When I was 15, nothing could be short enough. I had to have those little shorts, those little crop tops.”

She’s certainly come a long way. Her pictures for Flare Magazine are gorgeous yet refined. Well done, Eva.