Eva Mendes Doesn’t Want A Husband [VIDEO]

Eva Mendes doesn’t find the institution of marriage very appealing, according to Popeater.  She’d prefer to call her significant other “boyfriend” 30 years from now rather than “husband,” she told Chelsea Handler.  Handler, who herself doesn’t want to get hitched, agreed with Mendes’ decision to not ever take the plunge.  While Mendes thinks love is magical and being “spiritually” connected is a super thing, she thinks marriage is void of romance.  “We were doing it for land originally. I mean, how unromantic is that?” she asked no one in particular.

“Well,” Handler replied, “if we were doing it for land now I’d probably be more interested.”

PHOTOS: Eva Mendes Rocks Yet Another Red Carpet Winning Look

Mendes hosted the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards last Friday night in a chocolate Lanvin gown.

Check out the video of Mendes on Chelsea Lately after the jump.