Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Holding Hands In New York City [PHOTOS]

Ryan Gosling Is Cool
Photos of Ryan Gosling at his coolest.
Take that breakup rumors!

Couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were spotted holding hands after grabbing lunch in New York City yesterday (May 10). The couple walked hand-in-hand and stopped for coffee and Ryan held a bag of Pan Ya Chinese takeout.

After expertly dodging Gosling questions from Ellen Degeneres earlier this week, the 38-year-old actress slightly opened up about her relationship with USA Today Magazine.

“I’m feeling a little insecure because I can’t help but be super conscious of what I’m saying because I’m so protective,” Eva said, when asked about Ryan. “That’s the most precious thing to me. And I’m so protective and I just felt my guard go up.”

Woah. Eva sounds like she’s in love! Check out video of the couple from yesterday.