Eva Mendes And Her Perfect Hair Take Her Doggie For A Walk

Ryan and Eva in Paris
The couple stroles through the city of love.
Actress Eva Mendes and her dog stopped by a hair salon in West Hollywood, California yesterday (October 16, 2013) after Eva got a blowout.

Eva has not been seen with boyfriend Ryan Gosling in public for quite a while now. I know the two are notoriously private about their dating life, but we need to see the two of you together every once in a while.

Anyway, so how does Eva manage to always look so great? She spilled her secrets. 

“First, you must feel great before you walk out of the house,” said Mendes. “If you don’t feel good when you’re trying on an outfit at home, it’s not going to miraculously feel great once you are out in the world. Also, find the cuts and silhouettes that accentuate what you love about your body. To keep from being bored, play with color and mixing and matching patterns.”

So lose the solid black if you’re feeling low, and embrace a Pucci print!

Launch the gallery to check out the pics of Eva and her pup.

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