Eva Longoria & Eduardo Cruz’s Mall Make Out Session [PHOTOS]

Eva Longoria Gets A Lift
Eva and Eduardo goof off in Miami.
Actress Eva Longoria and her boyfriend turned up the heat while doing some shopping with her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz last week and his sister Monica Cruz.

The couple were spotted with Eduardo sister Monica in Madrid, Spain perusing the shops at a local mall, and Eva and Eduardo proceeded to kiss passionately numerous times throughout their little excursion.

Longoria is happy now, but she recently revealed to Health magazine that she was in a dark place after her split from husband Tony Parker

She told Health magazine:

“People think health only has to do with your physical being, but for me, it’s so much more. I remember after my divorce, I was so thin and everyone kept saying how great I looked and it was probably the most unhealthy place I’ve ever been. So it was funny what people would see as ‘healthy.’ In my worst time, people were saying I’ve never looked better. [But now] I have a great diet and exercise routine. And I try to have a healthy outlook. I’m your everlasting, hopeless optimist!”

We’re happy that Eva’s happy!

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