Eva Longoria Dons “Part Of A Tuxedo” On ‘Letterman’

Eva Longoria stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman last night looking a bit naked.  Dressed in what she described as a “tuxedo,”Longoria took to the stage and proceeded to keep watch on her ensemble for fear of a peep show.  She and Letterman got into talking about her new cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen, but cooking became a topic of the past when Longoria’s tuxedo began to misbehave.  Cilantro, okrah…let’s the call the whole thing off.  Letterman’s got a bad heart and this adjusting of the itty-bitty tuxedo wasn’t helping matters.  “We’re gonna lose our liquor license,” he mumbled as Longoria straightened her ensemble out.

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Longoria told Letterman that she and the rest of the cast were in negotiations to return for an eight and ninth season of Desperate Housewives, which drew cheers from the audience.  Letterman took the liberty of showing viewers Longoria’s early days on the small screen with a clip from The Young And The Restless.  Is it me, or does a young Longoria resemble Bridget Moynahan?

Check out Longoria’s appearance on Letterman after the jump.