Europeans Want Motorcycles Just Like Brad Pitt and Iron Man

The people of Suffolk County, England may have Hollywood to thank for their new turn of fortune. A custom motorcycle dealership in the area will distribute the iconic Samurai Chopper bikes to a European-wide dealer network, which will create new jobs in the area. Famous owners like Brad Pitt and its use in the Iron Man movies got the bike attention outside its East Asian cult base.

“Thirty percent of Samurai Chopper owners have never owned a motorcycle before
which proves that they are not just for bikers,” Paul Beamish, founder of Krazy Horse Custom, the English dealership which will now distribute the Japanese Samurai Choppers. “They are not only the
choice of famous actors, musicians and TV celebs; but now anyone in
Europe who dares to be different.”

Japanese manufacturer Zero Engineering has reason to get attention for the vintage-looking chopper: its sleek look and attention to quality and detail makes Samurais run up to around $40,000. Daring to different certainly has a high price tag, but then again, Iron Man can afford it. 

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