Ethan Thinks Uma’s a Good Mom

People reports that Ethan Hawke took some time from sobbing under his Christmas tree and rueing the day he torpedoed his marriage to one of the world’s most beautiful women to comment on her parenting skills.

“I didn’t like being famous when I was single, and what it did to my celebrity status to be married to another famous person was a huge pressure – one I didn’t enjoy. And it had nothing to do with her. Nothing to do with her,” Hawke, 36, says with a shake of his head.

Having had parents who divorced, Hawke is aware of how such a split affects the kids. Speaking of himself and Thurman, he says, “Our burden is just getting along, not hurting each other’s feelings, and letting each other grow – letting the tides take our lives away from each other and dealing with the disappointment of a dream that didn’t happen.”

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When it comes to speaking about Thurman, also 36, Hawke takes the high road, says the magazine. “She’s my children’s mother,” he says. “You have to keep that above anything else. If you bring two people into the world together, that supersedes anything else.”

He also says about her devotion to raising the children properly, “She’s a great mother, and raising the kids is a priority for both of us. We’re so fortunate that we have each other’s back in that way. Because I write and act in theater, it’s a lot easier for me to stay in the city. But my ex-wife has done a phenomenal job of that as well. She plans all her movies to shoot in New York.”

Good Lord, when did divorce get so Shakespearean. Dude, you f*cked around and got busted. And Uma isn’t the kind of lady who gives second chances. She’s the kind of lady who leaves her house and cars crash around her, and mailman put letters in the wrong slots, and Dads let baby carriages roll into the street because she’s so gorgeous. Did that Canadian waitress or whatever piece you scored have those skills? Doubtful.

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