Ethan Embry Will Shoot You if You Touch His Shit

Remember this guy? The guy from “That Thing You Do!” and “Empire Records” and “Dutch” ? He’s really brave and maybe a little retarded. He was in “Sweet Home Alabama”, too. Maybe having to deal with a Reese Witherspoon/Josh Lucas pairing busted a screw loose in his head or something. But he responded to getting mugged by retrieving his own piece and looking for the payback. His neighbors must have been thrilled by all the screeching tires and gunfire on their front lawn.


SWEET HOME ALABAMA star ETHAN EMBRY’s Studio City, Los Angeles home became the scene of a crime on Sunday (26NOV06) night when the actor and a friend were mugged at gunpoint in his driveway. Embry called police after two men stole his watch and wallet after recognising him in the street and waving a gun in front of him. Furious Embry almost went from being a victim to a suspect as he dashed into his house and came out brandishing a gun, which he fired at the muggers’ SUV as they raced away, according to website Police have refused to confirm whether the actor fired directly at the thugs’ car and they won’t be releasing the name of his female companion.

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This is just foolishness. I know getting mugged must be traumatic, but I would advise going inside and calling the cops. You’re not less of a man or anything. Unless they took Nana’s heirloom brooch. Then it’s kill or be killed, and if I don’t come back, tell Sarah I’ll always love her.

p.s. Empire Records? One of the best bad movies out there. Cheesy story. Early Renee Zewelleger trying to sing, Robin Tunney as a depressed skinhead, Liv Tyler is strung out on diet pills and pre-Britney Catholic schoolgirl skirts, and Anthony LaPaglia with floppy bangs as their hot-ass boss just trying to save the store from being closed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Ethan Embry’s Packing

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