Ethan Hawke & His New Baby!

Ethan Hawke finally unveiled his new baby yesterday! World, meet Indiana, Indiana, meet world. The tiny little girl was born a few week ago to Ethan and his wife, Ryan Shawhughes. MailOnline reports that Ethan, Ryan, little tiny Indiana, their other daughter Clementine, and Maya, Ethan’s daughter from his marriage to Uma Thurman, all went out for a bite to eat and a stroll in New York City.

Ethan and Ryan have been married for three years, after meeting when she was the nanny for his two older children, Maya and Levon, both with Uma. According to Ethan and Ryan, they did not even think about a relationship until after he and Uma split up in 2005.

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Next up for the Hawke is The Woman in the Fifth and Total Recall. You can also expect to see him on your tv screen soon enough in mini-series, Moby Dick, in which he plays Starbuck.

Missing from the little family outing was Levon, who sadly wasn’t there to make faces at the paparazzi. It’s OK though, because Indiana was really the center of attention. I love babies! Baby! What do you guys think of little baby Indiana? Cute? Meh? Can’t tell cause she’s only a few weeks old and wrapped in a sling? Let us know in the comments!