Erotica LA Gets Its Groove On

June 25th, 2007 // 9 Comments

Jenna Jameson and Dave Navarro made it out to Erotica L.A., where there were plenty of toys, adult film stars and even a brief Cirque du Soleil show going on. Jenna’s looking skinny as usual, but her boobies and lips are plenty plump. Do we know why she’s so thin? I can’t remember if she’s told us, or if she has, I keep forgetting. In any case, if she’s sick, I hope she feels better cause it’s getting so her bangs look like they’re almost too heavy for her to carry around. Dave Navarro just kind of annoys me. He’s never crossed me or anything, but there’s just something about him I don’t trust. I think it’s the eyeliner. I don’t trust “straight” men who wear that much make-up. It just ain’t right.

Also, I love how you can see the signs for the restrooms in the background of the picture of the stripper dancing on the pole.


More photos from Erotic LA after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Why_do_I_care?

    Yep. On the second article of the day and already getting a serious headache from the new format. Ack. Sorry.

  2. lola

    Anyone else think Jenna kind of looks like Marg Helgenberger (chick from CSI)in that second picture? At least she’s looking a little better than earlier this year, but girl needs to eat a hamburger and balance out those titties.

  3. morgan

    check out the magazine by his crotch…
    kinda funny.

  4. Sinead

    ha ha ha cool observation there Morgan. That color IS abit much people wana turn it down a notch? thanks.

  5. Persistent Cat

    You know what it is about Dave Navarro? It’s the fact that his head is a huge square on top of that little body. It’s so disporportionate. As well, he’s one of those guys who’s a slave to his look. It doesn’t matter the situation, he’s gotta be all rock start. I mean, a lot of guys pull it off but with him, it just seems so forced. Like he’s afraid if he goes out without the ridiculous leather, people will forget.

  6. She lost the weight after her vaginoplasty.


  7. Zekers

    Tom, eewww, why do you know that???!

  8. ballyhoo

    Isn’t Dave bisexual? Didn’t he have relations with men in the past? That’s what I heard.

    Yuck! That whole erotic/porno scene seems like such a waste of life to me. Blah!

    Jenna Jameson will be an old, forgotten lady with nothing but a reputation.

  9. ballyhoo

    Peristent Cat, yes, Dave Navarro DOES have to be the rock star.

    My feeling is that he has that Napoleon complex and he is overcompensating.

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