Erin Heatherton’s Cutest Red Carpet And Runway Looks [PHOTOS]

2012 VSFS
Check out the gorgeous outfits!
With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show premiering in just two weeks, the sexy models are in the spotlight. Pictures have already been released of their stunning outfits, but no one really gets to enjoy the show to its full potential until it airs.

For those who may not  be aware, the show is going to premiering on December 4th.

Erin Heatherton, former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio is walking in this show. As always, her outfits featured in the show are gorgeous. My personal favorite was the one she wore during the 2010 show. It was a boxing outfit and made her look like a hot, tough chick.

During the 2011 show, she walked alongside Nicki Minaj in a really fun outfit for Club Pink. The walk would have appeared a little more graceful if the rapper wasn’t on the stage at the time.

Check out what outfits joined the boxing one and let us know what ones are your favorite!