Eric Dane Is Not Happy with OK! Magazine

February 17th, 2008 // 7 Comments

A few weeks ago, OK! Magazine reported that Eric Dane, aka “McSteamy” had suffered a recent bout with skin cancer on his lip. The magazine quoted him as saying that a procedure to freeze off some malignant cells, “traumatized” the actors smacker and that it caused him to lose a bunch of weight.

Now his spokesperson is insisting that Eric is just fine and that OK Magazine blew the story out of proportion. He says, “Eric Dane does not have cancer. He spoke with OK! to clear up some inaccuracies they were planning to run. His story certainly does not compare with those actually suffering from the disease.”

Seems those inaccuracies weren’t cleared up by the magazine and a source claims Eric was “mortified,” and considering legal action against the publication.

Good thing Eric is just fine — now that the strike is over that pout will be back on the air as Dr. Sloan in just a few weeks!

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By Intern Traci

  1. wtf

    who cares? sounds like he just wants more publicity.

  2. Persistent Cat

    Or it’s fucking up his insurance. Oddly, I don’t find him hot, I think because I hate beards like that. Bad memories associated to them, always makes guys look like dwarves. The intern, Alex is his name??? He’s hot.

  3. It must have been “HERPES” on his lips.
    This because he’s a FAGGOT indeed!!

  4. hahaha I had to link out t this one!


  5. bily

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  6. Im not reading this magazine anymore, they are full off fake stories!

  7. That’s a really confusing response, too. He doesn’t have cancer AND he was just trying to clear up inaccuracies AND his story doesn’t compare to people who have skin cancer even though he claims he doesn’t have cancer at all so why should it?

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