Eric Dane In All His McSteamy Glory

I’m going to try and refrain from any outright drooling over this one’s pictures from Flaunt magazine. Flaunt – I’ll say! We want to make this a safe place for people of all sexual preferences to read and laugh and be entertained. We want everyone to feel like a treasured guest at our cocktail party and not be subjected to one blogger’s twisted sexual fantasies involving Eric Dane and a speculum. So, I’m not going to mention anything about him and all his…..McSteam. Yep. Well, that’s certainly a nice Hanes Beefy T he’s wearing. Yep. Wow. He must work out. Right. *whimper* This is hard.

p.s. He’s married to a reckless driver! There, that had nothing to do with his hot body!

More photos from Eric Dane’s Flaunt photo shoot are after the jump.

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