Eric Dane Is Sexy, Becomes Cuter When Working Out With His Daughter

Shirtless Eric Dane!
Y'all, Eric Dane has a super sexy body.
Look at this super cuteness right here!

Eric Dane wasn’t just looking sexy as he worked out in LA over the weekend, he also made things super adorable. The former Grey’s Anatomy star enjoyed a workout with his daughter. And it’s precious.

Eric’s wife, Rebecca Gayheart, had just brought his daughters Billie and Georgia to visit, but clearly they weren’t content with that. Those kids are going to be in some seriously good shape if they spend their lives working out with there dad. I mean, just look at the man. 

Are you looking? Are you loving? Are you getting motivated for your Monday morning workout? Good, good and good.

Launch the gallery to appreciate all the family cuteness going on. Also, does anybody else miss Eric in their lives every week? I know I do! Come back, Eric. Please.