Eric Bana Vs. Charlie Hunnam

November 30th, 2012 // Leave a Comment
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Eric Bana vs. Charlie Hunnam at Deadfall premiere: who would you rather? [Celebitchy]

Glee mashes up “Turkey Lurkey” and “Let’s Have a Kiki.” [Towleroad]

Jessica Biel mutilated Barbie dolls as a kid. [The Blemish]

– A Liz & Dick extra steals the show! [OMG Blog]

Danielle Fishel imitates Lindsay Lohan‘s role as Elizabeth Taylor in her new film Liz & Dick. [Just Jared]

Lil Wayne just became uncool. [Celebslam]

– Ready for a good cry? An autistic high school football kicker leads his team to a dramatic upset. [Buzzfeed]

– WTF? Sadly Gilda’s Club may no longer be called Gilda’s Club. [Jezebel]

50 Cent will executive produce an hour-long drama for Starz called Power. [Vulture]

– Earnoying puppy. [Cityrag]

– Bacon shaving cream anyone? [The Frisky]

By Michael Prieve

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