Eric Bana Can Beat Me Up Any Old Day

Eric Bana fondly recalled his screen time with Hanna co-star Saoirse Ronan while appearing on the Today show this morning.  “Beating the hell out of each other was a good way to bond,” he said. “It’s a good starting point.”  Bana plays Ronan’s father in the flick, but says they act more like sister and brother.  Hanna, also co-starring Cate Blanchett, is about a girl trained by her father to be an assasin.  She is then sent on a mission across Europe while being tracked by an intelligence agent.

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Bana attended a screening of Hanna at Casa La Femme in New York City last night along with Ronan, Michael Angarano, Max Winkler, Christian Campbell, Keri Russell, Matthew Bomer, Ben Rappaport, Irina Shayk, and Justin Theroux.