‘Entourage’ No Longer Just For Your TV, Movie Coming Soon

Oh hey! Guess what long running HBO show that is ending this summer after 8 seasons is probably gonna be a movie soon? If you guessed Entourage, well done friend! Reuters reports that creator Doug Ellin told the attendees at the Television Critics Association Meeting that a movie is definitely on the way:

“We are going to do a movie. It’s a question of when and how quick. Hopefully we will sit down and come up with an idea. I wanted to leave it with an element of, ‘we loved hanging with these guys and we are going to miss them.’…There are no major deaths, no major plot lines.”

Producer Mark Wahlberg also said at the meeting that he would finance the film himself if he had to because he believes in it so much. “People are always saying the episodes are too short. They want to go on a journey with these guys.” Since season 8 is coming to a close at the end of the summer, it seems like they should really jump on the bandwagon and strike while the show is still hot.

PHOTOS: The Cast of Entourage on the Red Carpet for the Season 8 Premiere

For the cast which includes Adrian GrenierKevin ConnollyJeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon, the end of the show was incredibly bittersweet. Kevin, Connolly that is, told the crowd, “This is literally the last time we will all be sitting together as a TV show. Even as we sit here it is still bitter sweet. It has been a hell of a run. I don’t know. I don’t want to start crying.”

What are your thoughts on an Entourage movie? Excited? Want it? Don’t? Let us know in the comments. And enjoy the gallery filled with pictures of some super fine men. Yum.