‘Entourage’ Final Season – Spoiler Alert!

Adrian Grenier’s character Vince has come a long way since baring his butt in last season’s Entourage. The show debuts its eighth and final season July 24 at 10:30 pm, but Grenier is barely breaking a sweat wondering what life will be like after the HBO hit. Between soaking up sunshine with unknown blondes and leisurely packing his Prius in Los Feliz, Ca. this weekend and then taking his pint-size white pup for a short walk around the neighborhood, as seen here, Grenier is just living the life.

His relaxed attitude is most likely due to wrapping the last season a mere month ago and judging from this extended trailer, the final season is packed with juice, according to TV Somniac.

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A few tidbits?

  • Vince is out of rehab
  • Ari (Jeremy Piven) is separated from his wife
  • Eric (Kevin Connolly) is running his own management firm
  • Drama (Kevin Dillon) is shooting an animated series
  • Turtle (Jeremy Ferrara) has gone into the tequila business and a possible new business venture

For more spoilers, check out the extended trailer after the jump!