Enter to Win the September Kodak EasyShare Contest!

We’re winding down to the final weeks of the September Kodak EasyShare contest!

Our gallery boasts a very photogenic Apolo Ohno with a smiling fan, Shia LeBeouf surrounded by a lovely female posse and a scruffy Penn Badgley with girlfriend, Blake Lively.

Oh wait –no, that’s a super cute fan all cozied up under his arm!

What a difference from August’s gallery of Twi-hard fans! Still looking to laugh, Socialite Life lovers! What are you waiting for?

Submit your ‘So Kodak’ moment and be amongst the in-crowd with the digital camera that allows you to share your pictures on your social network with a one-click button.

Simply send a picture of you, together with your favorite celebrity to socialitelife.contest@gmail.com! A simple “cheese” will enter you, but the cheesiness will get you the coveted camera. So kiss, pinch and monkey molest those stars better than the paparazzi.

Sorry, photoshopped submissions will only make us laugh and are not
eligible to win. Also, only US-based residents can enter. The top three
submissions will be announced October 1st. 

We’re simple folks. Make us laugh and we’ll send you swag.