Enrique Iglesias Talks Jersey Shore And Justin Beiber

It looks like Enrique Iglesias will be joining forces with the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore later this month as part of the promotion for his new single “I Like It,” which will be featured on the show’s soundtrack.

In addition to filming a new music video with the cast, Iglesias told PopEater that even though he hasn’t watched the show, “I’ll get into it in the second season. I’m gonna see what all the hype is about, and Miami should be cool. It will be like ‘Oh, I know that place, I’ve been there.’ It’s kind of fun to see your own city on t.v.”

And while Iglesias may not be well versed in the Jersey Shore phenomenon, he is quite familiar with Justin “Bieberology.” When asked what his take is on the Biebs, he says “He’s everywhere. I’ve heard his music. I actually like that song he did with Ludacris…’Baby’? It’s hooky. It’s a hooky song. I think he’s a talented kid.”

Iglesias single which just dropped will be a part of his new bilingual album. Iglesias says “it is the most eclectic and exciting album I’ve ever done, I think, in my career.” The singer was recently photographed leaving Koi restaurant with friends.