Enrique Iglesias’ Kiss Leaves Fan Thinking Dirty Thoughts

July 16th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

During a performance of his hit song “Hero” this morning on the Today show, Enrique Iglesias, 35, plucked a New York City woman named Melissa from the crowd and serenaded her and then followed it up with a big ole smooch. Check out the video of the kiss after the jump.

Once the crazed crowd quieted down, Today host Matt Lauer asked Melissa how she was feeling, to which she replied, “It was nice … it was hot. I’m thinking dirty thoughts.” Watch the video after the jump!

On Tuesday, Iglesias told Access Hollywood he’s planning to make good on a dare to water ski naked in Miami’s Biscayne Bay since his beloved Spain won the World Cup title. But when pressed on the claim by Lauer, Iglesias demurred, saying his legs were too skinny to show them off.

No one cares about your legs, but if your dick is too skinny to show it off, then don’t waste any of our time.

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By Justin Thompson

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