Enrique Iglesias Is Too Pretty to Get Married, No?

Hello! Enrique Iglesias here. I am adorable and have just released a new album, entitled, “Insomniac,” which describes the kind of woman I need in my life. Because when I share a bed with a woman, she very rarely sleeps, if you know what I mean. Heh! I’m sexy! But seriously, guys. I’m very sexy, and vivacious and above all, I am young and have lots of seed. Although I’m in love with my girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, whom I’ve been dating for about five years, when asked if I want to get married, I answered:

“No, no. I think whenever you are ready you will know. It is a big responsibility and I don’t feel I need to get married.”

I just recently ended a long-term relationship with my mole. I don’t know if I’m ready to get involved in something as committed as a marriage just yet. I have love-children yet to conceive and sexual misadventures to enjoy and cannot be tied down just yet. All right, well, farewell, my friends. Until we meet again. BESITOS!


Photos of Enrique Iglesias arriving at TRL studios are after the jump.