Enrique Iglesias Is Too Pretty to Get Married, No?

June 22nd, 2007 // 14 Comments

Hello! Enrique Iglesias here. I am adorable and have just released a new album, entitled, “Insomniac,” which describes the kind of woman I need in my life. Because when I share a bed with a woman, she very rarely sleeps, if you know what I mean. Heh! I’m sexy! But seriously, guys. I’m very sexy, and vivacious and above all, I am young and have lots of seed. Although I’m in love with my girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, whom I’ve been dating for about five years, when asked if I want to get married, I answered:

“No, no. I think whenever you are ready you will know. It is a big responsibility and I don’t feel I need to get married.”

I just recently ended a long-term relationship with my mole. I don’t know if I’m ready to get involved in something as committed as a marriage just yet. I have love-children yet to conceive and sexual misadventures to enjoy and cannot be tied down just yet. All right, well, farewell, my friends. Until we meet again. BESITOS!


Photos of Enrique Iglesias arriving at TRL studios are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Kate

    That is the closest I have ever come to vomiting with laughter.

  2. green cardigan

    Hilarious. Breaking up his relationship with his mole must have tough. Maybe he’ll get an album out of it.

    He looks like he has the same greasy charm as his old man.

  3. Ugh

    Oh puke! He’s not good looking and for anyone to say they’re sexy is beyond being self-absorbed. Guess he has trouble sleeping due to missing his mole………..

  4. green cardigan

    But he wouldn’t be a true Iglesias if he didn’t think he was sexy! His father thinks he’s God’s Gift to Women. Enrique has some big shoes to fill in the Lover department.

    All together now, ‘I’ll be your new mole baby’

  5. George Clooney

    Okay, so let me see if I’ve got this right…
    He’s 32-years old, let’s say he’s been dating for, 17 years or so? If this guy doesn’t know what he wants after 17 years of dating then he’s NEVER gonna know. Anna Kornicopia should just cut her losses and hit the road.

  6. emily

    hey baby i love your music. and there are so hot. your the best singer. hugs and kisses

  7. Frank

    Listen to all You Fuckers above who have said anything bad about the KING of Pop…I would Love 2 meet up with all of You and Beat the living shit out of all of You..If you don’t like ENRIQUE.your Jelous,coz You don’t have the Fame,money or woman that he has..Enrique your the Best singer in the Fucking world my boy..Your music & Amazing voice does wonders 4 me with the Lady’s..Keep Your music coming man..Respect..Love You

  8. Lidia

    enrique, i think that i like u & ur song..but,i think you’re so “big head” when u say that u’re sexy.. maybe u’re sexy but u needn’t say it.let others 2 say it 4 u..& i think that ur comment was right about get married & the whole responsibility..but, i also think that being married was about 2 find a person that u want spend ur whole life with ..& ur feel not being tied down..b’coz love & married wasn’t just about sex.

  9. Cher

    HEY =]

    Does any1 no when Enrique is on tour again in the UK ????


    MWAHHH <3 love Enrique 2 bits ;)

    from Cher


  10. HE diddnt sat That

    HE diddnt say that your dumbass!!! he never would say that i watch all of his interviews if the interviewer say that he is hot and sexy he gets al shy believe me they making it up !!!!

  11. Tabaloid crap

    Enrique personally wouldn’t write this kinda crap,
    he actually does want to get married to Anna except [she doesn't].

    someone wrote this to get attention on his blog…

  12. Tabaloid crap

    Enrique personally wouldn’t write this kinda crap,
    he actually does want to get married to Anna except [she doesn't].

    someone wrote this to get attention on his blog…

  13. jessica

    Hey.I just want you to know that I am in love with you and your songs Enrique.Also if anybody can tell me anything about getting to meet Enrique please email me atlauragalvan8@gmail.com.You can also call me at 9039387568.I live in Marshall Texas and I am 10 years old.Since I was a baby I have the dream to meet Enrique and DJ Flex in person. Thankyou For Taking Your Time in Reading This Letter

  14. angel

    he will never would say that . who ever wrote this want to have attention & gonna have his ass kicked . no body say something ain’t right about my baby

    bewere >>>

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