Enrique Iglesias Debuts Quite The Music Video

December 23rd, 2010 // 5 Comments

Alrighty, then.  Enrique Iglesias just debuted the music video for his newest single, “Tonight I’m F____n’ You” featuring Ludacris.  What can I say? It’s tasteful and elegant.  There are boobies and grinding and women thrown up against walls in fits of passion.  It’s everything you’d expect from an Enrique video (and it’s NSFW, so don’t play the video if compliance is peeking over your shoulder).

Though the video is obnoxiously sexual, Iglesias told MTV News he wasn’t going for shock value.  And you know what? I believe him.  This is just another Wednesday for the Latino sexpot.  The music video was shot over four days in Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Iglesias was just so pleased with the end result.  He said, “I don’t know how to explain it. When I saw the video, it didn’t feel offensive. Although I saw the video and it’s a little out there, but I loved it. It’s almost like the guys’ fantasy. That’s what we wanted to create.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. adam

    Enrique Iglesias is a sexist sleazeball. The gay community doesn’t like him. He’s done basically nothing for gay people. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a gay or bisexual man using women to cover up his sexuality.

    • dh

      What are you talking about? The gay community loves him. He comes across as very gay friendly. You can see his performance at G.A.Y. in London on Youtube. He brought a guy up onstage and serenaded him. It was very sweet. And he provides some good eye candy in his videos. Sexist? No. Sexy, yes.

    • sundanced

      Unfortunately, you are running with the assumption that sexism and homophobia are synonymous.

      He may not be homophobic (at least, in that situation you described), but that doesn’t mean that his song and video isn’t sexist. It may not have been on purpose, but his video does perpetuate a culture that makes it okay to view women’s bodies as objects. Of course, for a celebrity, their bodies are in a sense, they commodity, but women suffer different consequences for objectification (e.g. rape, victim-blaming, etc) than men.

  2. todd

    he has no talent

    the only reason he is anything is because his daddy is julio iglesias

  3. NotThatI'mABigFan

    but he performed at G.A.Y. London a few years back & pulled a guy up on stage & sang “Hero” to him; someone who is truly a homophobe wouldn’t step foot in a gay bar, right? note, i’m drawing a distinction between possible homophone & possible asshole–they’re not necessarily one & the same; although sometimes they are, see: The New Yorker, Talk of The Town, interview w/Prince….

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