Enough With The Terri Schiavo

March 22nd, 2005 // 10 Comments

I am so sick of hearing about Terri Schiavo. Her parents have said that even if Terry were to say she wanted to die, they wouldn’t grant her wish. WTF. This is a completely screwed up family matter that the federal government has taken part in. So I guess the next time you have a disagreement with the inlaws, maybe you can get Congress to handle the issue for you. It actually make me yearn for some Teri Hatcher news.

Some views on the situation.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mary

    I have a son with a feeding tube. I was told he would be a vegetable and that I should sign the organ donor contract. I didn’t and seven years later he is cognitively normal, operates a computer to talk and controls his electric wheel chair. He is just like my other three able bodied children inside his mind and heart, but many would have given up on him. People with disabilities should not have to prove they deserve life. In Terry’s case, I would not feel so strongly except her husband wants her dead so that he can have the remainder of her malpractice award. I understand it’s about a million dollars.

    In the absence of a written desire to refuse a feeding tube…I think the court should err on the side of caution. I wonder what the papers from the malpractice suit stated. I bet the husband claimed he was litigating for money to maintian therapy and her quality of life. That’s the usual wording…and then families run off with the money leaving the disabled to medicaid or death.

  2. snufffy

    there are no millions left. husband spent money on therapy,etc. she’s on either medicaid or medicare now. shes been in a persistant vegetative state for 15 years. i wouldn’t exactly classify her as a person with a disablilty as the only ability she has is she can breath on her own but not eat. she can’t walk or even hold up her head. some quality of life. get your facts straight.

  3. Sassy

    Michael Schiavo said last night on Larry King Live that there is no money left. I wonder who is paying for her health care now. Let the poor woman end her battle.

  4. Ella

    Let her die, let her die

  5. Mary

    You choose to believe Schivo and I choose to believe the others who claim there is still at least a million left. Getting ones facts straight is a matter of which side you are on.

    There are many doctors who state she is more than a vegetable and one is a Nobel prize nominated neurologist. There is research going on right now that could lead to brain stem cell transplantation. She’s young and could benefit. Why do so many people want to see her dead? She has childhood friends who claim she was against this sort of thing when the Karen Ann Quinlinn thing was in the news.

  6. snuffy

    oh pardon me. i stand corrected…she’s a breathing vegetable. stem cell research? isn’t Bush and the majority of congress(repugs) against stem cell research??? a persistant vegetative state isn’t something you wake out of. why do you think they call it PERSISTANT!?

  7. Brie

    In certain segments of our society, animals and terrorists are afforded more consideration and compassion than a woman who is alive. If Congress acts to empower the federal courts to hear this case, Congress is acting within its constitutional authority.

    Her parents want to assume responsibility for her care. I mean, there’s a party here that’s clearly willing to step in and be inconvenienced, if you will. This is not a small issue. No one is saying that her so-called husband has to continue to care for her or pay her bills. He’s fighting for the right to end her life, which the courts have granted. Even death row inmates have federal judicial review. I’m PRAYING for the feeding tube to be put back, and let the TRUE facts of the entire case come out.

  8. Ella

    Did you know that her husband and his new wife/girlfried (i really wouldn’t say new, since it has been 7 years), have been doing the veggie’s laundry for all those years?!? KEEP THAT DAMN TUBE OUT!

  9. Cynthia

    Doing the laundry? Huh?!? She is in a hospice care place. Isn’t laundry done at those places?

  10. william

    actually some of these places do not wash the resident’s personal laundry so someone may well have washed some of terri’s. there is also one fact that should not be in dispute, terri has lost 80% or more of her brain mass. while you might grow new blood vessels and some cells can regenerate, brain cells do not. lose a brain cell and thats forever (think about that next time you hit the bar). no amount of rehab or therapy was going to change terri’s situation. some have said she “fought” for two weeks to live. sounds nice but its not true. she had enough brain left to breath, digest, and have a heartbeat but not much else. that may be one factor the kept her alive so long, low energy needs due to low function. anyway i think its sad that this became a public issue vs. the private family matter it should have been.

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