Endless Misery

August 8th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Some college tool got Britney on him in a pool and then ran to US with the pics. Matt Encinias is a 21 year old college student who was an extra in Britney’s new video. You’d think there would be a prayer circle after the shoot. Or maybe Britney would go home to put her kids to bed and work on finishing that quilt. But no! Shockingly she ended up topless, wet and slutty.

“Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed,” Encinias tells Us. “I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot.”

“I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy,” the 5’10″ California native continues. “And that’s what she did. Mission accomplished.”


Oh you big douche. Keep reading for more details (and for more photos).

It was when the alcohol started running low that an inebriated Spears, 25, suggested a game of Truth or Dare. “I was dared to get naked and get out of the pool and walk as though I was on a catwalk in a fashion show,” says Encinias. “Britney was laughing really hard.”

This mess ended in her hotel room. I’m sure details about that will surface later. I’m thinking a move outta L.A. would be beneficial to her at this point. Who was home with the kids if she doesn’t have anyone in her life anymore? Not that scheming cousin with the choker. Britney has made me dead inside. What could possibly be next? Murder?


By J. Harvey

  1. kelsey

    whaaaaat theeeee fuuuuuuuuuckkkkk??????????

  2. I know I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m feeling sorry for her now. I think she has some serious mental health issues, and she’s being exploited by jerkoffs like this guy. She’s looking for some love and people are looking for money.

    I’m not saying she’s blameless in her own destruction, but she is at that age when a lot of serious mental health issues emerge – like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others. The girl really needs an evaluation at an old fashioned sanitarium rather than a one week stay at some “rehab” place that lets people do whatever they want. She needs to get out of the public eye, or she probably will suicide or murder someone – I don’t think you guys are too far off.

  3. Am

    Girlfriend needs to hit bottom. Then I’ll feel something for her. As a woman who because a single mother at 21, I have no sympathy for her. She has all the resources money can buy but can’t see she needs intensive counseling to resolve and let go of her issues.

  4. sabrina

    I love her sunglasses…where can i get those?..

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