Emmy Fashion, Part Two

August 28th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Is someone channeling Charlize Theron? Regardless Katherine Heigl was stunning.

On the red carpet we have Peter Krause, Katherine Heigl, Hugh Laurie, and Miss Tyra Banks.

More Emmy fashion photos are after the jump.

Here we have Evangeline Lily, Justin Chambers, Christopher Meloni, Jean Smart, Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Kim Raver, Mariska Hargitay, Portia de Rossi, and Annette Bening with Warren Beatty.

Emmy fashion part one is here. The worst in Emmy fashion photo post is coming soon.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGIRL

    Jeremy Piven’s ascot? Tacky.

    Ellen Pompeo’s boob squish? Blech.

    Sandra Oh looked like an Easter egg.

    Heidi Klum was GORGEOUS.

    Megan Mullally’s dress made her ass look huge.

    Virginia Madsen looked DAMN good.

    Debra Messing’s white layered gown was good in theory, but added width- which is never good even when you are anorexic.

    Jaime Pressley looked good, but she was as dumb as a box of rocks on the red carpet- thus validating my hatred of her teeny tiny body and perky tits.

    Worst Acceptance speech? Blythe Danner. Who rambled. And rambled. And rambled….

    Best Acceptance Speech: The writer guy who told his 8th grade Social Studies teacher to go to hell.

    Funniest Unexpected Moment: Helen Mirren confessing a fear of falling ‘tits over ass’ while winning for Elizabeth I.

    Most Undeserving of Emmy: Julia Louis Dreyfuss. Have you people seen this piece of shit show? Jesus. I don’t know who she banged or how she blackmailed the entire academy, but that was shit. Her show sucks. No one watches it.

    Funniest Conan joke of the night? Tom Cruise coming our of the closet…. HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    If you tivo’d it, don’t bother… I’m a HUGE tv fan and I was disappointed (and I can have fun watchinbg EWTN)

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