Emmanuelle Chriqui Shows Off Her Amazing Bikini-Bod In Miami

Wow, Emmanuelle Chriqui! What an amazing body you have.

The gorgeous actress was showing off her perfect bod in Miami earlier today alongside her equally hot boyfriend, Adrian Bellani. Just wait till you get to him in the gallery. Those abs are pretty amazing.

Emmanuelle has been keeping pretty busy on television the past few years, especially on The Mentalist. Plus she’s got a whole host of movies coming out pretty soon. Think she’ll be showing off her body in any of them? 

Because I’m sure that everyone would be OK with that. So guys, I know this is totally ridiculous, but her boobs are huge. I had no idea! Like, I watched all of Entourageand I never even noticed it. Bravo Emmanuelle, bravo.

Launch the gallery to check out all the sexy photos of Emmanuelle and Adrian’s beach romp. I really wish there were more photo of him because he is kind of amazing. Thoughts?