Emma Watson Finally Gets Licked By Her Boyfriend

Now out of work, Emma Watson was happy to oblige her boyfriend with a face to lick in his band’s new video. One Night Only’s video for “Say You Don’t Want It” was filmed in New York and has Emma playing a dog looking for her master, which could lead to all sorts of discussion on BDSM themes in our comments section.

The Harry Potter star revealed the video takes it inspiration from the classic Disney animation Lady and the Tramp.

Emma and George Craig, who is also a model, met when they took part in a campaign for Burberry but only confirmed their relationship at the Glastonbury festival this weekend where they were snapped hanging out together and according to one report, indulged in some very public displays of affection.

Hey, she’s just trying to get some more licks from that boyfriend of hers! Check out the video after the jump!