Emma Watson Bundles Up For Burberry

June 9th, 2009 // 4 Comments

After weeks of speculation, Emma Watson was today unveiled as the face of Burberry.

Watson looks very mature modelling in trench coats from the autumn/winter collection in a campaign that was shot by Mario Testino.

Despite the rumours linking her to Chanel, and constant presence at international fashion shows, Burberry is the first major advertising campaign that the 19-year-old Harry Potter star has landed.

She’s turning into quite a stunner.

Gallery Info: Emma Watson for the Burberry’s autumn/winter collection

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. eb

    when i eat too much mexican food it takes a long time to work its way through my massive cauliflower ass

  2. mavick

    my big belly hurts real bad when i eat too much chocoloate ice cream

  3. GeneralChiang

    Brigitte Bardot called. She wants her eye liner pencil back.

  4. astro

    mexican food. cauliflower. chocolate ice cream. Bardot. eye liner pencil.

    wow. i don’t think of any of those things when i think of Emma Watson in a Burberry rainjacket. i think about blood furiously pounding through my ears and steam escaping through small, well-formed nostrils. i think about drinking a cup of hot, Irish cream coffee after sweating and bruising, with sheets wildly strewn all over. i think about hard, constant rain banging on the window rushing down a heartless street, myself cackling softly aloud. i think about the breakneck ride i got in a small, Italian sports car to her tiny flat, and getting kicked out because we made too much noise.

    did any of that actually happen? who cares, it’s about the fashion.

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