Emma Watson Turns 18, Isn’t Dating Harry Potter

Hermione’s just turned 18, ya’ll. Here’s the Harry Potter star Emma Watson leaving her 18th birthday party, held at the Automat restaurant in London. She’s giving the paparazzi a decidedly mysterious smile, but recently cleared up any mystery a to whether or not she and co-star Daniel Radcliffe are dating.

According to Watson she is constantly having to answer the question of whether or not she and Radcliffe are romantically involved, “Because it doesn’t happen in the books, everyone is so desperate for it to happen in real life that any opportunity to come up with a story about it is taken.”

And as for clearing up any mystery as to what’s under her skirt, you can just click on one of the thumbnails to have that question answered. I swear, if I ever get famous, I’m only ever going to wear pantsuits and two bras, just to be safe.

Photos: SplashNewsOnline.com/WENN

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline.com/WENN