Emma Watson’s Twitter Proves She’s Gorgeous, And Also Hysterical

Emma Watson in London
Emma Watson pays a visit to BBC Radio 1.
Do you follow Emma Watson on Twitter? No? Ok, seriously, what have you been doing with your life?

Ok, I’m a little obsessed with Emma Watson. In all the years I’ve followed her, from the beginning until now, she’s never tried to be something she isn’t. She doesn’t act fake or snobby or indifferent – she just acts like herself, and I have to say, herself is pretty hysterical. 

Her Twitter is filled with funny quotes and retweets, things she’s excited about, and every day issues that even a star like herself has to deal with. Recently Emma tweeted, “Computer just crashed. Pain au chocolat anyone?” I feel you, girl. That’s the literal worst, and chocolate is the only solution.

The least you can do is take a glimpse at Emma’s Twitter pics. There are lots of shots of her modeling for different magazines, of course, because she’s beautiful and perfect. You all knew that already. The best part are the hysterical pictures of herself she posts and comments on, like one of her as a sassy child and a picture with a cat beard on her face. Internet delights that we can all appreciate.

My personal favorite is the one of her posing like a wax figure of herself from Harry Potter. So many memories, so many feelings. Keep it up, girl.