Emma Watson Without Makeup Is The Most Beautiful Person I’ve Seen All Day

Emma Watson In Cannes
Emma Watson does the media rounds at Cannes.
Let’s all take this opportunity and stare at Emma Watson.

This girl is stunning. The Harry Potter star was spotted in New York City today, continuing her search for that elusive $3 to $15 million dollar NYC home. While that’s all well and good, I’m mostly obsessed with Emma’s lack of makeup.

How does she manage to look this gorgeous without makeup? Honestly, I’m putting her up with there with Charlize Theron. Also, I appreciate that she didn’t have any on. 

As someone who only wears makeup when I’m forced to myself, the fact that she went out in public without it gives me hope for the future. Well, I mean she is Emma Watson. Girl knows she looks good.

In my future life–the one where I’m married to Orlando Bloom and a Jamie Dornan/Tom Hiddleston hybrid is my lover–Emma Watson is my best friend. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the starlet sans makeup. Bitch is flawless.