Emma Watson To Star In New Sex & Drugs Film

Helllllllo Hermione!

Ok, fine. Maybe she’s wasn’t sexed up while shopping at the Chanel store in Soho yesterday, but don’t you worry HP lovers, little Miss Emma Watson is all grown up and ready to show you her goodies in next year’s The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which also stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Rudd and Kate Walsh.

Photos: Emma’s Already Practicing Her Sex Face

According to IMDB, Wallflower is about a shy freshman whose buddies “welcome him to the world of sex, drugs and complicated relationships,” (or just a typical Friday night for yours truly). Watson will play one of the friends and gets to break away from her cutesy image by spicing it up with a dance sequence wearing a corset.

I suppose since Emma seems to flawlessly balance the good-girl/bad-girl image when it comes to fashion, she should have no problems convincing the world she’s just as great playing sexy as she has been playing Hermione.